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     Charlie Foster is your fishing guide at Northwest Fishing Adventures. Charlie has fished the Portland, Oregon area his entire life. He is known throughout the northwest as one of the best Salmon Sturgeon Steelhead Walleye and Shad fishing guides their is. Charlie is an expert fishing guide and if you are looking for a qualified Oregon fishing guide you are in the right place!

Columbia River Fishing Guide

     Fishing on the Columbia River, the Willamette River and other popular northwest waters is a great experience what you've fished with one of the best fishing guides. Charlie Foster has been featured in various newspaper articles, at sportsman's trade shows, on television videos and has done that fishing tips and training seminars all over the northwest. He can tell you that there's more to catching fish than just the secret lure. So many variables factory and that it's almost impossible for some part time guides to keep up with all the conditions. Charlie is known for his experience and knowledge. Many other local Portland, Oregon fishing guides will call him on a regular basis to find out what the latest and current fishing conditions are. Important fishing it factors like water temperature, stream flow, current water levels, water clarity, changes in depth, and location of fish during a current fish run. With all that in mind and other factors Charlie then begins the process of deciding which type of lures, which size lures, what type of fresh fishing bait, what color of presentation and other factors such as what depths to fish and how far off the bottom do you want your lure or bait to be.

Every year, fishing enthusiasts come from all around the world to fish for Columbia river Salmon. Limits Spring Chinook Salmon and Fall Chinook Salmon are common when you fish with a Columbia river fishing guide who knows "how to catch Salmon" on the Columbia River.

Willamette river and Columbia river Sturgeon fishing & Salmon fishing guides also catch Walleye, Steelhead & Shad within minutes of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Don't be that guy! Binoculars are fun but they should be used to see the Eagles and not to try to find out what another boat is using for bait. YOU CAN FISH WITH THE BEST FISHING GUIDE ON THE RIVER. Ask anyone who has ever fished next to Charlie Foster and they will tell you that he catches a boatload of fish.



Another happy client who caught a huge Columbia River Gorge Sturgeon.

Fishing Reports
We post weekly fishing reports to keep you in touch with EXACTLY what's going on in fishing near the Portland, Oregon area and on other popular Northwest fishing destinations.. We've started a blog and now you can CLICK HERE to read all the reports and to see several recent photos too!

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Northwest Fishing Adventures Fishing Guide Service fishes for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Walleye and Shad
on the Columbia & Willamette rivers near Portland, Oregon and the most popular fishing rivers in the Northwest.



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